So, we’re focused on creating our own memes and anti-Trump artwork. Doesn’t mean we’ll ignore the news but our point is to provide original visual content. We’ll also make an archive gallery of other memes from around the net – stuff that we don’t make.

Submit Your Request

We will produce memes and art that you request. Just ask. No kidding. If you’re not a Photoshop wizard we’ll help with that.

Submit Your Artwork, Too!

We are editorially open to submissions for your art and will set up a form but please know that what we share to social sites will be curated to maintain high standards. Meantime send any requests or materials to

Open Facebook Page, Closed Group

Our Facebook page will be open to see but will require activated editorial membership to post and posts will generally be limited to memes and art or overwhelmingly important news that can be shown with a comment and image. Anyone applying for membership will be investigated one at a time, no kidding, because Trump trolls are out in very serious force.

We also have a Facebook GROUP, which is limited to those wishing to take part in internal discussion of the news, suggestions about our art and outreach, etc. To be part of the discussion please apply for membership.

Punching the Wall

At the end of the day getting Trump out of office is the singular goal! 

If you have a moment, please take a look at this short interview in a new window for four minutes because no one could state more clearly why we are here than Steve Schmidt. If you watch this commentary – from a top-tier, die-hard, lifelong Republican strategist (!) – we hope you will realize that there is some hope of changing people’s minds. This guy is a core *republican*.

Bottom Line

The DisTrump brand will use art to put out an anti-Trump message centered around the one idea – fact checking the Cheeto in the White House and his administration.

Our messages are commonly running in the “fact check” and “rantz” categories. It’s nearly all in the “you can’t make this stuff up” vein. Trump and Co display a stunning lack of common sense and a stunning ignorance of facts on a nearly daily basis. And then they lie. 

No, perhaps they have not made 20,000+ outright lies, but the exaggeration of everyday fact is so common that lie tracking websites just lump that stuff into the mix. Flynn’s not guilty (he plead guilty twice). WE’re doing a brilliant job with the virus (we lead the world in case load and death).

So Jump In!

We’ll happily start small because we want folks with an interest. It’s not enough to resist Trump, we also need to find ways to stay happy and have fun along the way. This project is meant to be fun! 

Was there ever another politician so incompetent that lampooning him wasn’t needed? With this moron in charge just find the right news story and plug it straight into the Humor Department!

Be part of a core group of folks who will help launch this puppy, mostly on Facebook (or other social media) and we’ll support that outreach with this site. Any way you want to take part, we need you! We will be advertising regularly, though our budget will start small.

Sign up forms and input surveys are coming! We need volunteers to help us with opinions, input, supplying us with good posts for our categories … everything! Moderators, fact checkers… you name it.

Send an email to to stay in touch for now.