Worst Businessman Ever…

Worst Businessman Ever…


The line of crap from this guy is wide, deep and long, seriously. Un. Flipping. Believable. And his followers will swear he’s the best…

He didn’t want you to see his tax returns not just because of an audit – how about it was because of what the audit was for??? Cheating the IRS on a 73 million dollar tax refund. That’s the audit.

ARE YOU KIDDING???? What does it take for people to grasp just how rotten and dishonest this guy is at everything he does?

And it looks like he will be in debtor’s prison within a year or two of leaving the white house. Trump owes $200 million in cash and he doesn’t have it. That’s his personal debt, not corporate. Great businessman? While he was publishing a book about how great he is in the mid-80’s, he was literally losing more than a hundred million a year.

READ THAT AGAIN. Stable genius becomes radically unstable for decades, loses billions of dollars that he inherited for free from Daddy’s real estate, and somehow sells the country on the idea that he’s the Wolf of Wall Street or something. Gordon Gecko my ass.

No one else in this country has lost money like Trump. It looks like he will be hammered by the IRS for cheating on that refund, and the debt on that will be about another hundred million. Cash, buddy.

He blew through $600 million in income from The Apprentice and the Miss Universe Pageant and instead of making a real profit went further into debt. In one instance (!) he went from making $400 million to losing almost $50 million. Again – how in the hell is that even possible? And how did he make his money? BY LYING ABOUT HOW GREAT HE WAS ON TV.

Holy crap on a cracker.

No wonder the only people doing business with him by 2016 were the Russian mob, Putin and Deutsche Bank